Night Fishing

The club allows night fishing on some of it’s waters but only to members who have applied for and been granted a Night Fishing Permit< there is a limited number of these permits available on a first come first served basis.
These permits are available at a cost of £25 for the season.

Junior members can only night fish if they have an Accompanied night fishing permit and that they are accompanied by an adult Member who has a full night fishing permit and who will be responsible for the safety and conduct of the Junior member.
The Accompanied Junior night fishing permit will be available at a cost of £10 for the season

There is an application form available on this web site which can be completed and returned to the appropriate address, please note that applicants must HOLD AN ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FOR THE CLUB.

Night fishing rules and regulations

Night Fishing Rules

All Night Fishing Permits are to be obtained via Tony Warner and you MUST hold a current Club Membership Book and an Environment Agency Rod Licence to be eligible to fish.

Junior Members can only night fish if they have an accompanied Junior night fishing permit and they are accompanied by an Adult Member who has a full night fishing permit and who will be responsible for the safety and conduct of the junior member. An adult night fishing permit holder can only apply for a maximum of two accompanied Junior night fishing permits.
There are a limited number of Night Permits available on a First come First Served Basis.

DAY TICKETS are not available for any waters for night fishing.

All persons wishing to fish on a Night Fishing Permit must agree to provide the following: E-Mail Address, Mobile and or Home Phone Number also preferably be on “WhatsApp” for the booking of venue/slot (you will be added to the group upon you permit being issued).

All Persons wishing night fish MUST pre-book their venue/slot at least 24hrs prior to fishing with Tony Warner/Admins via the recognised methods (see above).

FIREARMS, LOUD MUSIC, OPEN FIRES/BARBECUES AND CAMPING are not permitted on any of the Clubs waters. Radios and other devices used with earphones are permitted.

Specified Waters For Night Fishing

Hill Top Reservoir, Slaithwaite.
Sparth Reservoir, Marsden.
Bottoms Dam, Holmfirth.
Holme Mill Dam (Square Dam) Marsden.

On the designated Club Waters fishing is allowed for a maximum of 2 consecutive nights in one session.

When Pike/Carp/Specimen fishing some form of unhooking mat must be used for your catch as good fish care should be observed at all times. There are links at the top of our Facebook Page showing good practices for these procedures.


All Club Members must use a landing net of knotless material and use appropriate tools for the unhooking of fish (disgorger, forceps, long nosed pliers)

Carp may only be retained in a keepnet during an Official Club Match.

A member has the right to stop any other member from fishing within 9.14 metres (10 yards or 30 feet) of him on either side. This is common courtesy and all members must comply with this rule.

For an individual a maximum of two (2) rods may be used at any one time on any club water other than Hill Top Reservoir as set out below.
Up to three (3) rods may be fished simultaneously at HILL TOP RESERVOIR ONLY providing the member is in possession of an Environment Agency Three Rod Licence and a Slaithwaite and District Angling Club third rod permit.
A group of an Adult and accompanied Junior(s) can fish a maximum of three rods between them on any water.

When using three rods they must be placed no more than three metres apart on the bank.
Anglers, when fishing, must remain within three (3) metres of their rods at all times. Bite Alarms may be used as long as they are in tandem with a Receiver.

Please remember that you may be on the bank for an extended period of time so you are expected to make the appropriate toilet arrangements.

All waste MUST, whatever type, be removed from your peg when you have finished your session.

If a Member sees any contravention of the Night Club Rules please report it via the WhatsApp Group or E-mail to the Group Admins