Match Dates and Match Rules

Limited peg matches except Canal Matches
Entry fee and pools for all matches £15 all in
Draw at 9.30 am Fish 10.30 am till 3.30 pm
Booking essential

Phone David Jessop on 07951082919 to book on any matches

March 13th                  Push Dam, Shepley                 10 pegs
March 27th                 Canal                       Unlimited pegs
April 10th                 Hopton Water   20 pegs
April 24th                    Bottoms Mill Dam     10 pegs
May 8th                     Penistone away match (£20) 32 pegs
May 22nd Canal Unlimited pegs
June 5th                                Push Dam, Shepley  10 pegs
June 19th                     Canal      Unlimited pegs
July 3rd                        Hill Top Reservoir             10 pegs
July 17th                    Penistone away match (£20) 32 pegs
July 31st                    Hopton Water              20 pegs
August 28th                Push Dam, Shepley    10 pegs
September 11th           Canal            Unlimted pegs
September 25th         Hill Top Reservoir       10 pegs
October 9th                Hopton Water             10 pegs
October 23rd             Penistone away match (£20) 32 pegs
November 6th            Bottoms Mill Dam                        10 pegs
November 20th         Canal             Unlimited pegs
December 4th            Push Dam, Shepley                        10 pegs
December 18th          Hopton Water             20 pegs
December 29th Canal Xmas match (THURSDAY) Unlimited pegs


SUNDAY 10th July 2022 SUNDAY 4th September
DRAW 10.00 am FISH 10.30 am till 2.00pm
Entrants 12 yrs or younger should be accompanied by an adult who may assist them
Phone David Jessop on 07951082919 to book your place


The Wednesday Fishing Club will start to meet again in APRIL 2022
Both MEMBERS AND NON MEMBERS will be welcome to join in, (Day Tickets will be available to purchase on the day.)
The idea is to encourage anglers to meet together and share their skills, thoughts and ideas.
There is usually a £1 winner take all pool.

DRAW TIME 11.00 am FISH 12.00 noon to 5.00 pm

April 6th Push Dam, Shepley 10 pegs
April 20th               Canal Unlimited pegs
May 4th                  Hopton Water 20 pegs
May 18th                Bottoms Mill Dam 10 pegs
June 1st                  Sparth Reservoir 10 pegs
June 15th               Push Dam, Shepley 10 pegs
June 29th              Holme Mill Dam 10 pegs
July 13th                Bottoms Mill Dam 10 pegs
July 27th Canal Unlimited pegs
August 10th           Gunthwaite Park 10 pegs
August 24th Hill Top Reservoir 10 pegs
September 7th Hopton Water 20 pegs
September 21st     Push Dam, Shepley 10 pegs
October 5th Bottoms Mill Dam 10 pegs
October 19th          Canal Unlimited pegs


DRAW 4.00 pm FISH 5.00 pm To 8.30 pm

ENTRY £15 all in

June 10th          Hopton Water         20 pegs
June 24th          Bottoms Mill Dam            10 pegs
July 8th             Canal                   Unlimited pegs
July 22nd          Push Dam, Shepley           10 pegs
August 5th      Holme Mill Dam         10 pegs
August 19th    Hopton Water                    20 pegs

The Committee match will be held on Sunday 26th June 2022
On Hopton Water, the Draw being held at 9.30 am
Fish 10.30 am to 3.30 pm
The water will be closed to other anglers on the day until 5.00pm



    From the Match Secretary at any time up to 8.00 pm on the night prior to the match:
    Telephone Match Secretary: Dave Jessop 121, Marsh Lane, Shepley, Huddersfield HD8 8AS. Mobile No:- 07951082919.
    a) There is a £3 pegging fee for all matches and a £12 pool.
    b) From the entry fee 20p goes to the Club’s Junior fund and the rest goes to the Match Account.
    c) The match pool carries a 100% payout e.g.: 50%, 30% and 20% plus sections.
    As per the match programme on the website.
    As per the match programme on the website.
    Any angler booked on to a match who does not attend on the day of the match without having previously notified the Match Secretary will not be entitled to a refund of the entry fee and pools .


  1. All anglers fishing matches must be in possession of a current Environment Agency Rod Licence and should be fully conversant with these rules.
  2. Juniors fishing matches will pay the full entry fee. No one under 12 years of age on the 1st of January will be able to compete in senior club matches unless they are accompanied by an adult who shall be solely responsible for them.
  3. Any angler who draws scales must take these to their peg and conduct the weigh-in on completion of the match. Anglers who draw “checker” pegs must assist the scales man to conduct the weigh-in and record the weights.
  4. “Near pegs” are available on application in writing to the Match Secretary prior to the matches. Competitors granted such pegs will be obliged to take “near pegs” on all subsequent matches for the rest of that season.
  5. Competitors on arriving at their pegs  must not groundbait or loosefeed their swim or disturb the water other than to wet their groundbait, clear their fishing ground of weed or obstruction, position their keepnets or plumb the depth before the starting signal.
  6. A competitor must fish within one yard of his peg mark. On flowing water he will fish from his position in the direction of the flw as far as the next peg
    On still waters and canals he will may fish on either side of his peg to a point halfway between his peg and the adjacent peg on either side. Should other competitors be pegged opposite one another then he shall only fish to the centre of the water.
  7. A competitor may only use one rod, line and hook at any one time but may have other tackles assembled for use in a position to his rear providing that no such tackle be baited. Any competitor leaving his peg during the match must withdraw his rod and terminal tackle from the water and must not approach another competitor unless invited to do so.
  8. Any bait subject to local rules may be used, except live or dead fish, spinning baits or lures. All groundbait and loose feed may be thrown in by hand or by the use of catapults, throwing sticks, swimfeeders, baitdroppers and pole pots, the latter three only to be used with the rod or pole that is being fished with.
  9. Competitors must hook play and land their own fish from their own peg. Competitors must cease fishing on hearing the finishing signal but may be allowed no more than 15 minutes to play and land a fish that was hooked before the finishing signal.
  10. The following are ineligible for weighing in :- Salmon, Trout, Seatrout, Sticklebacks and Crustaceans. All fish caught during a match must be returned after the weigh-in.
  11. Where matches are held on suitable waters, competitors may enter the water (thigh wading only). Notice will be given to competitors at the draw. Junior members will not be allowed to wade on any match.
  12. No member shall fish any match length on the day of the match until after the completion of the weigh-in. Competitors who want to resume fishing after the match may not do so until after the scales have passed their peg.
  13. All trophy winners will receive their trophy and a replicato keep, at the Annual Presentation Night. All Trophies must be returned to the Match Secretary before 1st November following the presentation. Failure to do so will result in the offender being banned from all Club Matches during the following year. No trophy may be won outright.
  14. Only Club Members who have not won a Senior Cub Trophy during the previous year and have not been a winner of the Hallas Novice Trophy during the previous three years may win the Hallas Novice Trophy.
  15. A trophy is presented to the Lady Member with the highest combined weight in the Annual Cup and Hallas Trophy matches.
  16. Any Club Member wishing to be considered for representative matches for next year MUST complete the form provided in the year book (see pages 34 and 35) and forward it to the Match Secretary.
  17. Any offence committed against Match Rules to be reported to the Match Secretary in writing immediately after the end of the match and before the announcement of the winners. The offence shall be investigated at the next General Purposes Committee Meeting where the alleged offender shall have the right to attend to defend himself. The General Purposes Committee have the power to suspend or terminate a person’s Club Membership for the breaking of  any Match Rules.
  18. Any Club Member fishing for a Club Trophy must show his Membership Book when drawing his peg number.