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Originally posted by britmark 27 Nov 2006 07:57 pm

I intend this forum to be a family site. So please be aware that children may be viewing this forum.

Please refrain from swearing or using abusive language on the forum.

I am not going to set the censor but if i think the forum is turning into a free for all, i will.

Please do not make personal threats against any member, if you do i will have to ban you.

As a member you are responsible for what you post. Please do not slander any firm or company, if you do you accept full responsibilty for that post or thread.

Please abide by these rules. If i feel they needs to be new rules implimented if the site grows, then i will.

When you registered you will have read the terms and conditions.

Any spamming or rubbish will be deleted, So do not post it.
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